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Are You Outgoing? Love to Talk to People?
Work with our team during this 6-week campaign...

MAJOR NETWORKS, like NBC/Universal
Recruit tourists to view new TV pilots
Fashion Show Mall, Venetian, Paris Hotel and Bally’s
Work available daily 3/20/15 - 4/31/15

HOTBOX UNLIMITED is looking for outgoing individuals with fun, yet professional personalities to work with our team during the 2015 Pilot Season.

WHAT IS PILOT SEASON? Major networks like NBC/Universal produce dozens of TV pilots each year, all of which need to be tested before airing. To find out what the viewing public thinks about these new TV shows, the networks must conduct market research. They do so during a 2-3 month period in the spring each year called Pilot Season. To assure success, it's important that networks hear the opinions of folks from all over the country. And, being one of the top tourist locations in the U.S., Las Vegas provides the perfect location to gather opinions from people who live in New York, Texas, California and every state in between.

CAMPAIGN GOALS. Our objective for the 2015 Pilot Season is to recruit 15,000 tourists to watch the new TV pilots. To meet this goal, we are hiring a total of 160 recruiters. We have work 7 days a week from March 20th - April 30th, 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. We are looking for energetic people to work with us either full or part time. After April 30th, work will continue on an on-call weekly basis. Schedules are flexible, based on your availability.

PILOT SEASON RECRUITERS. Each of the sixty recruiters hired will work with a team of at least three other recruiters in a high-traffic location inside one of the major resorts on Las Vegas Blvd. Each location will have large signage and displays designed to add hype and create a buzz. Recruiters are utilized to engage tourists as they walk by, determine their eligibility, then inform them if they qualify to view a sneak preview of a never-before-seen television pilot. Since we pay cash, most tourists are eager to participate. (We pay between $10-$35 per show). Some tourists also want to participate for the "experience". (The experience provides a unique opportunity for participants to share their opinions with the networks, while assisting in the fate of a new TV show). The total process usually takes less than an hour, and most people really enjoy the experience.

What we are looking for

      Outgoing personality a must
      Inviting smile & fun attitude
      Professional and punctual
      Strong work ethic
      Sales and customer service experience a plus

What makes this job rewarding

      Looks great on a resume
      Learn how demographics affect market research
      Fast-paced work environment
      Work independently and as part of a team
      Daily contests! Earn cash bonuses!!!

Join Our Team!!!

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