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How much do your models cost?

Trade show and promotional models vary depending on experience, looks and the show details. The higher the rate the more talented and attractive the models will be. Many of our models are experts in specific fields: lead facilitation, sales and product demonstration require professional talent and will cost more than just a hot model handing out samples.

Agency fees are included in our rates and never have to pay extra or tip our models.

Our Models Are Superior

Our Training Program teaches models how to generate booth traffic and create leads. We specialize in offering more than a pretty face, our agency will provide talent that will increase sales and raise ROI.

How does your booking process work?

Glad you asked because our booking process is fun and simple. 

1. Tell us when and where you need our promo models. We staff nationwide!
2. We’ll notify the models in that area about your event.
3. We will quickly send you full profiles of models that applied to work your event. Phone interviews can also be arranged.
4. Choose the models you like best and reserve them by putting down a 50% deposit or full payment. 

We accept Wires, Checks, or Credit Cards. Full payment is required before the last day of your event. We can book months in advance, or the day of your show.

How do I know the models will show up?

Our #1 priority at is reliability. This means reliability is ingrained into everything we do. We have developed proprietary systems to guarantee our models show up to your event on time every day.

Also, understand that our models work events for a living. If they never showed up, they wouldn’t have much of a career and certainly wouldn't be featured on our site.

With that being said, sometimes bad things happen and if a model cancels on the day of your event only due to a family or medical emergency, we will find a backup model immediately or refund the full amount paid for that model.


But they don’t work for us! How can they represent our company?

Actually, their job is to learn as much about your company as they can.

When you book our models, we’ll ask you to provide training materials that we can give to them. Phone training sessions and on-site training can also be arranged.

Hiring models sounds great, but how do I convince my boss this is a good investment?

Measuring ROI is traditionally based on tangible numbers. You look at what you spent on a promotion and how much revenue you made from it. 

Hiring tradeshow models is not always as black and white as that, but there are a few ways to look at this investment.

First and foremost, hiring a trade show model is like adding an attractive salesperson to your team. If you’re familiar with the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) then a trade show model would be the Attention, Interest, Desire and Action of your trade show marketing funnel. 

Think of them like a real-life walking advertisement. They 
Attract customers with their looks & engagement, generate Interest with their customer service skills, peak Desire from their training, and initiate Action by handing off freshly qualified leads to your top sales people to close. 

Besides sales, they help you stand out from the crowd, make your booth more approachable, give your company a WOWing first impression, help you capture more leads, and can save tremendously on travel costs if you use them to replace an employee that was going to attend your show.